Go Africa Pass provides new opportunities for travel within Africa

photo credit: Skyteam KQ

Purchasing a Go Africa Pass is a new option to consider for multiple flights in Africa.  Launched by Sky Team, the flights are operated by Kenya Airways within Africa.  Kenya Airways flies to 36 different African countries. Depending upon the itinerary selected, the pass can give savings of up to 75% on certain routes.

The details:

  • the Go Africa Pass must be purchased before travel to Africa as part of a Round the World or Intercontinental ticket
  • it can only be purchased via a reservation centre or travel agent
  • the Go Africa Pass is valid only within the duration of the Round the World or Intercontinental ticket
  • there is no minimum stay
  • it has an open jaws policy, which means you can fly into one country and depart from another
  • there is a minimum of three and a maximum of 16 segments to the pass

Pros and Cons

It is worth considering a Go Africa Pass for certain itineraries. For example, flying from Johannesburg to Nairobi to Accra and Freetown, the route is direct.  The published fare with taxes is USD 2,582, whereas the Go Africa Pass fare with taxes is USD 1,488.

Conversely, a flight from Nairobi, to Zanzibar, to Lilongwe to Johannesburg, clocks up the air miles and takes far longer – less direct flights and down time at airports. Each flight is routed back to Nairobi. Hence flights would be Nairobi to Zanzibar, return to Nairobi, flight to Lilongwe, return to Nairobi and fly to Johannesburg.  Even so, the Go Africa Pass fare inclusive of taxes is still significantly cheaper: USD 1,898 as opposed to the published fare including taxes of USD 2,617.

Tourism – some new opportunities?

If visiting several countries, the Go Africa Pass certainly offers up exciting new possibilities. Multi-country itineraries may increase in demand. As the main hub for Kenya Airways is Nairobi, any country combinations routing via Kenya may become more popular.  Itineraries linking East and West Africa might become an attractive option, or Egypt with Kenya.

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